Friday, August 27, 2010

Final Day at Waterton, Driving to Glacier NP

Sunday was my final day at Waterton. Similarly to the day prior, the weather was strange, but it showered three times and the sun came out in between three times! I decided that it would be a good down day after two successive intense hiking days. I did find some time to watch a moose ducking his head under water in a creek in order to reach the vegetation on the bottom of the streambed. I also had a chance to sit in my folding chair in the sunshine next to this same creek a bit downstream. I also checked out the village, the magnificent hotel set upon the lake, get on the internet for a bit to complete a couple posts, and listen to a guitarist in a coffee shop!

Monday was an awesome drive to Glacier National park, down Chief Mountain Highway and through Customs. The roadway followed the east side of the Continental Divide. I've included a picture of Chief Mountain. It was a gorgeous day and very strange that cattle are allowed unrestricted crossing of the roadway so you have to be on constant alert! I rolled into the Many Glacier campground, which was awesome because I would hike in this area in the next two days. When I arrived at the parking lot of the campground, there was a group of people huddled around high-powered binoculars and telescopes all trained on the slope of the mountain behind. I was fortunate to have them share the view with me for I saw a mother and three cubs playing on a mountain meadow! I checked out the trails and sure enough a few of the more popular trails in close proximity to this meadow were closed due to the presence of grizzlies!
I tried to purchase a boat ticket for the climb to Grinnell Glacier, but it was sold out. Behind the hotel where the concession was located, I grabbed this photo of a mountain goat.

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