Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bonus Post... Poem

This image and a dry thunderstorm last night inspired this poem:

The Tall Cedar

In the midst of cedars fed by melting snow and glaciers
Stands a remnant
A hollowed out corpse of a once great tree

As like a fossil, it charred remains
Signal that it was a target
It had grown and developed higher than others

Some men stand taller
In the expression of themselves and their gift
And in the practice of their love

The masculine speaks his truth,
faces problems, leads and
Gives protection to those around him

Perhaps this tree was the victim
A victim of a dry thunderstorm
With nature's tears withheld

Men who stand tall and strong
Risk the strike of criticism
Yet know thunderstorms
Are ususally another's misplaced fear


Anonymous said...

In response to The Tall Cedar:

The stump of a great cedar tree remains,
Whispers of a long life lived.
The strength and perseverance still linger...

A memorial to the awe-inspiring achievements,
Never asking for attention during its own life,
Now gone, is realized for its greatness.

Her remains show the strength and courage she possessed.
Her perseverance through it all overlooked till she was gone.
She never asked for more than the opportunity to grow.

Not a victim, but often seen as one,
She never felt the need to rely on someone else.
She lived fearlessly, grew tall, lived long.

Scott Hamilton said...

Sounds like an awesome tree!