Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bonus Post... Poem

Inspired by an encounter with a young boy at Mt. Rushmore...

Straining to See Presidents

Gazing at Presidents
Carved in granite stone
On tippee-toe straining
to reach the eyepiece of the telescope

The little boy tries
and tries again
but cannot see
for his height is far too short

Such effort is rewarded
This stranger with his binoculars
Ask him if he'd like to look
"Wow, I can see everything"

Is that not what we wish for?
To see the unseeable
To know the unknowable
To receive the gift of clear vision


Charile said...


Glad to be reading about your adventure! I really like the last 4 lines. What a great time you must be having!

Anonymous said...

You are the poet!
Good luck