Saturday, August 28, 2010

Butte, Montana

Well, you will find a lot new posts with pictures. I have caught up today with my blog entries. I had little availability of a wi-fi signal in Waterton NP or in Glacier NP. Have fun reading!

With the middle of my trip having arrived and facing a really long day of driving to Yellowstone after three days of hiking, I decided to give myself a bit of a break from the camping routine. Some ladies that I had met in Glacier had suggested that I overnight in Butte on my travels and suggested that I stay in the historic Hotel Finlen ( I have done so. I also got a great steak dinner here in Butte where it is not far from the cattle to the plate!

Tomorrow I will be finishing up a few details here and get resupplied with food for my trip to Yellowstone. It looks as though I am facing a big change in weather. Perhaps some rain, but low temperatures in the next few nights will be in the 30's. Time to switch out of the summer apparel!

By the way, the drive here was very scenic, following the western edge of the Continental Divide.

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