Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bonus Post... Poem

Well, as I have gone along, I've been jotting down thoughts as I am moved to do. The scenery and experiences prompt different creative connections. Driving through the wind farms of Minnesota and seeing that one unit wasn't turning, I had lots of thoughts that I wove together for this attempt at a poem. Maury, forgive me if this one isn't quite up to your high standards!

Wind Power

Blades quietly and slowly spin
Gentle downslope breezes from self
Rotate the generator above the plain
Fueling and sustaining satisfaction

A gust from another
Sweeps down the shimmering field
Excitedly electrified she turns
Into the face of this new love

Wind direction shifts
Reflecting and expressing emotions
The turbine shudders and groans in fear
It cannot pivot and freezes in blame

Unable to accept the wind as offered
She becomes as the sunflower
Droopy and heaving with her back
Turned toward the moving air

Having difficulty finding her own sustaining wind
She cries "Blow Only This Way"
Winds and emotions go the way that they will
All one can do is adapt to the changing weather


Anonymous said...

There once was a man who went west

After driving non stop he needed rest

He posted to his blog, about a cute prarie dog

Then he settled into his Element nest

Linda said...

Very intersting poem. I think I get what it's about.