Sunday, August 8, 2010

Trip Planning

Well with my back feeling better, I'm completing my preparations for my month-long adventure of discovery travelling from Medford, MA to the northern Rocky Mountains. After a push out to South Dakota to the Badlands and Black Hills, I'll be driving northward to Jasper, Alberta. Then over the course of the remainder of the trip, I'll be driving southward along the spine of the Rockies, visiting National Parks as the summer fades and fall begins. I believe that this trip will not only be a adventure of outward discovery, but internal discovery as well. I've never had this time without work and in the best sense of the word, it is a sabbatical. A time for recreation, reflection and renewal.

Never have I encountered such dissonance in the opinions of friends and family. Some are very supportive and understand how these explorations fit within the context of my life. Others are just plain bewildered. A month-long trip... Camping? Just by yourself? Are you crazy?

Planning for the trip began last year, with some customizations to my Honda Element. I have constructed a bed platform so that I can sleep comfortably both on the road and on the campsite. I've added a few additional photos on this post.

In addition to sight-seeing, I plan on incorporating hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking and white water rafting into my trip. I'm bringing along a harmonica as my companion. If I find myself unable to learn it, well, it might be useful to keep the Grizzlies out of my path! Departure is in 5 short days. I've still got plenty of preparations to make! It will be a busy week.

Special thanks to Sharon for burning me 6 CDs of road music to keep me company and to Wendy for pointing out that I shouldn't forget binoculars. Almost did! Don't worry Halalisans, I'll be back in time for the first rehearsal :-)


Anonymous said...

God speed!

Kristy Tillman said...

have any other pictures of life inside your element while on the road?